Jumping Rope



  • This rope is great for cross fitness training and daily workouts.
  • It will make your crossing moves, double and even triple unders easier and fun.
  • Perfect for beginners as well as advanced jumpers.
  • ADJUSTABLE - 3M fully adjustable cable makes it convenient for both adults and children. Either adjust with the screws or simply cut the cable to the desired length
  • Cable cover with PVC can quickly adjust to your desired length, appropriate for all ages and for any calorie-burning workout program.
  • Premium quality - Super quality Lightweight metal Handle with non-slip design, smoothly high-speed steel bearings & steel wire, not only light but also fast.
  • Ultralight speed - Lightweight handle and steel wire,ultra-light handle and perfectly weighted cable allows for maximum speed.


  • We designed this speed rope to not only spin fast but also extremely light.
  • the handle is longer than the normal jump ropes, which is more comfortable for you to grip. Use it wherever you want.
  • Professional - This rope was designed for indoor and outdoor sports, especially for Fitness, Boxing, MMA, and Skipping Exercise Training, double protecting
  • you can use as a replacement part or double lock to prevents the rope from slipping when you jump.


  • Handle material: metal+bearing
  • Rope material: wire rope+PVC
  • Color: black&orange
  • Rope size: 2.5mm*3m
  • Handle total length: 16.6cm
  • Ball diameter: 2.6cm

Package included:

  • 1 x Training Speed Jump Rope